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05 Feb 2016, News
2015 A good year
2015 was a good year for me. My piece "Open book" was used during the Brazilian World Cup and also has seen over 30,00 streams on internet radio. All my works licensed through Audio Sparx resulted in over 150,000 internet streams and 5 compilation albums in the areas of jazz, Latin, and electronica. I have posted very few of last years pieces here, but will make a greater effort to add to my collection. I thank all of you here who have bought my music and who have listened. I am looking to a bright 2016 ...
02 Sep 2014, Article
Bringing Rustler Home
Rustler is an 1800 pound bull who has decided that fighting with the bulls in the next ranch and maybe breeding an available cow is better than staying home. He is with 60 cows and 5 bulls on 700 acres of ranch with lots of canyons, woods and open prairie. The only way to get him back is on horse back. So Dave Reynolds, Rustler’s owner, and myself have our Spanish Mustang horses and are ready to go. I use my girl Ricky. She is fast, can stop on a dime, turn sharp at high speeds and loves doing this kind ...
23 Apr 2012, News
Play Along on your instrument
I now offer the mp3 files with the instrument of choice muted so you can play along with the other instruments in your practice sessions. When you purchase a score just contact me at If you are requesting individual mp3's for a large score with multiple instruments there is a small fee 0f $1.00 US for each, If just for one-three instruments there is no charge for the service.