winthrop brookhouse

Music for a lot of different insturmentations

Winthrop Brookhouse

I studied composition with Moacir Santos, gaining a Brazilian and Latin influence. Also studied with Pete Robinson and at Dick Grooves Studio in Hollywood. A member of BMI.

I started as a kid on accordion, because my mom was Italian, I wanted to play piano. We rented rooms to musicians who came to town for jigs. High School found me playing clarinet in the band, but soon moved to guitar, the 60's after all, and performed with a female singer doing folk songs.

Later I married a flute player and started writing my own music and studying with Moacir and Pete Robinson and learning music theory in college and arranging and composing at Dick Grove Studios. I worked as a music copyist for Moacir Santos at some of his recording gigs. Also, copied for other composers, classical and jazz.

When the computer opened up the world of digital recording I dove right in. I finally could write without having to find a band or musicians to perform the work so I could hear it and learn. Wrote jingles for commercials and worked with a dance company and wrote for their performances.

Now I am just writing for different instruments and ensembles for performance, instead of studio overdubbing and sweetening. It is the completion of a composer to write for real people so they can play the compositions.

I presently live in the Black Hills of South Dakota on a 20 acre ranch with my three Spanish Mustangs (Ricky, Dancer and Sambo). I am off the grid using solar and wind power. Also do organic gardening and my hobby is leather working.